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From Fus Shin establishment in 1976 until 1991, we primarily were a manufacturer of bicycle parts.
However, as more and more Taiwanese bicycle manufacturers moved to mainland China,
we started to develop and manufacture agricultural engines.
Although we spent a lot of time and money developing new products, we've accomplished our goals
and have successfully developed cutting-edge, environmentally friendly engine models.
Featuring greatly reduced emissions, our latest engine models are proving popular among our
international buyers.
Besides manufacturing agricultural engines, we also handle sprayers, lawnmowers,
and suction pumps with engines produced in our own factory. Fus Shin products are
sold under the "AJT" brand name, which, in Chinese, means "Under the Name of Love,
Let Our Farmland Be Prosperous". Our president, Min Do Chen, leads the company in
sincerely hoping that our products can be properly used to help farmers around the world.
At the present, Fus Shin engines an... [more]
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